Over 30 years in the local community

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BECOME PART OF OUR FAMILY!  Close bonds are often formed while training and competing together, with lifelong friendships made. Join .us on Facebook.

Strong links with other martial arts clubs. 
The club over the years has made many strong links with other quality clubs, both locally and further a field. With one of the clubs former students running Wild Geese Martial Arts Fitness Dublin.

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International Competition The club has, for many years, been heavily involved with the International Youth Games - held with Lancaster and it's twin towns.

St. Johns Hospice . We have raised well over £3,000Supporting Our Local Community
Our club has been supporting local charities for many years. Since 2013 our club has been helping to raise funds for St. John's Hospice, Lancaster. We have raised well over £3,000 for them.

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